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The Program

The Focus of Our Efforts

Direct Paths Housing Program, offers safe affordable shared housing combined with comprehensive wraparound support for homeless and former foster youth between the ages of 18 – 24 years. We aim at preventing homelessness and assisting young adults as they transition to adulthood. We will help them to complete their education by graduating High School, College and enhance employment and independent living skills.

Direct Paths is looking to offer support to pregnant and single mothers who will be aging out of the foster care system as well. 

Direct Paths is looking to lease to own properties that can assist with housing aged out youth to prevent them from being homeless.

Direct Paths believes that the vision has been written according to Habakkuk 2:2. We are trusting in the Lord that he will lead us to the path that will provide housing for at risk youth to be off the streets and provide the skills to live a purpose-driven life.

What We Offer

  1. Housing - Offering shared quality housing in order to prevent homelessness.

  2. Case Management - Teaching life development skills such as relationship building, money management, nutritional training, promoting positive relationships, time management, budgeting, hygiene, financial success, prep for driver’s education, cooking, physical well-being, and other skills they may have not been exposed to.

  3. Education - Youth will have an opportunity to finish high school or complete high school equivalency at surrounding schools/online and can be transported to and from post-secondary education at vocational training or colleges in the surrounding area.

  4. Spiritual Development - Direct Paths believes the opportunity exists for spiritual growth and development in each person. Youth are given the opportunity to attend worship services and learn how to develop their own personal relationship with Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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